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Article: Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Company

When looking for a office cleaning company to provide services to a business, there are some important steps you must take. The first step is to check if the cleaning company has any verified reviews of there services provided. Next, you need to contact the cleaning company and ask them to provide you with proof of license and insurance. Usually a company will be bonded if they currently have employees. A employee bond protects the company seeking services from theft or any wrong doings that might present itself. You can search to see if a cleaning service is licensed in the State Of Florida by doing a search in that particular county the business operates. For example, a company that operates in Orange County should be able to be found on Once you pull up the site, click on the tab that says search business. You have different options on how to search a business, whether through the owners legal name, tax id, DBA or business name.There are far to many cases where cleaning companies are not licensed or insured. Businesses that hire these companies run the risk of serious liability, that can result in potential lawsuits.

Office Cleaning Services Prices

When it comes to office cleaning service prices, there is no cut and dry answer as to the cleaning pricing schedule. One way to find out a basic idea is to call around to different local office cleaning services and either ask them to give you a quote over the phone or schedule a walk through. Some cleaning companies are reluctant in giving quotes over the phone because of competitors trying to pose as customers. Cleaning services usually figure there prices based on the square footage of the facility, a flat price they charge by the job, or a hourly rate that they charge based on the level of cleaning needed at the particular building office or home. Prices usually vary according to the services that the particular cleaning service provides whether it be a residential cleaning , commercial cleaning or a janitorial cleaning company. Specialty cleaning services such as strip and wax services, window cleaning, floor refinishing or blind cleaning, usually are charged at a different rate aside from regular cleaning services. Expect to pay a higher rate for any labor intensive work or extremely detailed cleaning service.

Office Cleaning Services Quotes

When receiving a quote for cleaning services for your office or multi- level building, there is some significant information you should be looking for. First, be sure that all potential candidates are licensed, insured and are verified. Next, draft up a list of task needed to be carried out at the building or office as well as how often these task will be done. Detail whether or not your company will be supplying paper products, how many days a month these task will be carried out and whether the cleaning service will have access to the office or building after hours or will have to clean during office hours. Most office cleaning companies perform services after hours while occupants are not present. Usually, if you require them to clean during office hours, a fee will be assessed for the inconvenience of cleaning around staff. This usually slows down the progress of the cleaning services.

Office Cleaning Services Checklist

A checklist is used to outline or detail what services are delivered. For example, if a business states that they want there office bathrooms cleaned, rug vacuumed, and light fixtures dusted, this would be reflected via the checklist. Upon completion of the job, the business owner can go back to the checklist to verify every task is completed. There are typically three types of cleanings that a office cleaning service provides. One type of cleaning is a general clean for a lightly used office or an office that was maintained. Another type of cleaning is a deep cleaning, which caters more to a neglected office and finally a move in or out clean. This particular cleaning is given if a office is moving in or out of a leased, owned or rented location.

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