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About Us

Based On Solutions LLC. is a residential and commercial cleaning business started in 2008. During the terrible economic downturn, they sought out a way to provide quality cleaning services to clients for a reasonable rate. The Hayles family conducted surveys with an array of industries and most complained about the very same issues. It was either being locked into a contract with services starting off strong, then gradually becoming mediocre or just plain low quality cleaning services. With Based On Solutions LLC. , we listen intently to our clients expectations and strive to meet or surpass them. Ask yourself this, why wouldn't you choose a cleaning service that's based on solutions.

Our  unique cleaning services come with a perfection guarantee and our dispatched cleaners are trained to do an outstanding cleaning at your home or office building. We distribute regular questionnaires to customers and routinely check in on assigned assignments to make sure of quality assurance.  


Mission Statement

About Us

We believe in our mission to provide quality service for reasonable rates without all the unnecessary hype. Our cleaning services are provided with punctuality, efficiency, consistency, and the clients best interest in mind at all times. We  maintain our motto by believing the best  cleaning results do matter and give you the peace of mind to run your business.

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