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The 2 Most Talked About Cleaning Techniques

As far as cleaning goes, it is very important to pick the correct cleaning technique for a particular area or building size. Two of the most talked about techniques are zone cleaning and team cleaning. Each way of cleaning has it's benefits and drawbacks when applied to different situations. Zone Cleaning During zone cleaning, each individual cleaner is assigned to a specific area of a building to complete a task independently. The downsides of this is if a cleaner is extremely slow, faster cleaners will have to wait for that cleaner to complete that particular area of a building. Team Cleaning During team cleaning, each individual cleaner is assigned a task but move together throughout a building to complete the overall cleaning service. The downsides to this cleaning strategy is, if the cleaner is not efficient enough to complete task to allow other cleaners to perform, allotted time will be breached. Conclusion: It is essential to analyze scope of cleaning service for residential or commercial cleaning services and choose appropriate style of cleaning to accomplish the ultimate goals. It is wise to utilize the strengths of each individual and strategically place them with that particular cleaning task.

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